Letting Go and Holding on

The topic under review is more a controversial one and it affects almost all facet of human life especially relationships. It’s been a torn in the flesh for so many…..  Many have been slaves of faulty relationships and thus looking for a way forward are trapped in a relationship they have been out for years and can’t be free.

I’m not a relationship adviser though, but I begged of you to listen as I may have one or two words you might just need to hear to orchestrate your lifetime emancipation. Why do people get hurt of a relationship there are no more a part of,  why is it so hard to thereafter see one another and regard them as any other  humans and not have a spike in your body?

While with him or her, he was an angel and immediately you parted ways, a ghost became of that same angel… Does it technically sound logical?… I’ve gotten over him you claim bit never for once will you not have a spike when thoughts of him flash through your mind….  (Listen,….  The problem you have is that you haven’t learnt to let go).


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