Understanding the Place of Grace……. by Erikan Ekpenyong 

          Here is a Very Simple Analogy.. 

       Tunde had just being arrested again for a crime he has been a prisoner to. On his own, he wouldn’t want to continue this way, but he lacks the power to stay off the crime. Consequences to his arrest, he was sentenced to 2yrs imprisonment. In prison, Tunde came in contact with the Christ through one of the Prison Evangelist. He acknowledged his Sins, accepted Christ into His heart and truly, he was saved by Grace. The change was so obvious that both the in mate and warders noticed it. 

       Out of prison, Tunde continued with his new found faith.  He was devoted to reading his Bible and knowing more of God. Soonest he joined the church close to him as his hunger for God’s word continues. Not long, things started getting a bit difficult with him. At first he was hopeful things will get better soonest. Wen he couldn’t bear any longer coupled with the series of messages he has been hearing at the local church were he worshipped, he was back to his former ways and now worse than before cos from what he was taught, ie (“once he had received Christ into his heart and experienced Grace, there’s an eternal life awaiting him no matter what happens”).  

       Tunde did not just perpetuate evil more than before, he wasn’t afraid of death cos he has been indoctrinated that nothing can take away the Salvation he has once tasted from him…..  (I’m very sure if Tunde decides to visit the Pastor of that his church with the same evil he has been perpetuating, the Pastor won’t have any cause for alarm cos Bro Tunde was once saved and according to His messages, his Salvation is still intact no matter what he is doing presently). 




Here is the deal….  

  • Grace is Great and Powerful, 
  • Salvation from Sin  offers all recipient eternal life

but also know that Salvation can be lost if we are careless and carefree with it. 

It’s free, but it’s not cheap…Someone died for it.

Don’t misuse Grace….. Romans 6:1-3

May God help us…………  Amen 


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