In Defence of the Faith by Erikan Ekpenyong 

   There’s been an uproar and division in the body of Christ as to the extent GRACE is meant to shield a man from sin.  Many have been an advocate that once the grace has appeared unto you to deny ungodliness, that is it. You automatically become insured for life against falling away. This is pure falsehood and a lies we have clear instances in the Bible of men who once believed but fell off grace cos they never gave heed to consciously follow Christ in all things (Judas, Demas).

       Does this then mean that grace is impotent? (Romans 6:1-23)… Verse 16 buttresses the fact that we as humans have a role to play. Grace can’t force us into choosing to remain, we are not robotics, but humans with free moral choice of good or evil. Thus we consciously yield ourselves to that which we want to.

       “Consciously yielding ourselves”, does this imply works to obtain salvation?   No…  At  this point, we are already saved, but this goes ahead to confirm this scripture in Philippians 2:12 “…….. work out your own salvation with fear and trembling “. The Salvation here has to do with our final salvation (Matthew 24:13) which needs our conscious effort of denying of self and ungodliness (Titus 2:11,12) which we are being taught as a result of Grace in our lives. 

       The teaching work of Grace is what keeps a man from sin were we are tutored to deny all what it is to deny. The question now comes,….  What if one is adamant to the teachings of Grace and a s a result fall short of grace, does it imply Grace couldn’t keep him? The answer is No [that a teacher is good and pours out his heart in teaching his students should  mean that all the student should automatically pass…. but what if there are students who decide not to heed the teachings of the teacher and thus fail….  Does it mean the teacher isn’t good? No…  Same with Grace]… Thus the Possibility Of Backsliding Despite Grace. 

       1Timothy 4:1 “….some shall depart from the faith…..” It is technically an incorrect usage of words when one uses “depart from” for something another has not been into before. Thus departing from the faith implies they were once advocate of the Faith but at some time in life were negligence of the warning in 1Corinthians10:12 and went back to their vomit 2Peter2:22.

  • Let’s not be deceived, Salvation Gained through Grace can be lost….. 

God help us…….  AMEN 


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