What to let go of and what to hold on to has been a great controversy especially in the area of relationships and technically almost all areas of life. (I’ll concentrate on the area of relationships) Many have been slaves of faulty relationships and thus looking for a way forward are trapped in a relationship they have been out for years and can’t be free. 

      I’m not a relationship adviser though, but I begged of you to listen as I may have one or two words you might just need to hear to orchestrate your lifetime emancipation. Why do people get hurt of a relationship there are no more a part of,  why is it so hard to thereafter see one another and regard them as any other  humans and not have a spike in your body? 

      While with him or her, he was an angel and immediately you parted ways, a ghost became of that same angel… Does it technically sound logical?… I’ve gotten over him you claim but never for once will you not have a spike when thoughts of him flash through your mind….  (Listen,….  The problem you have is that you haven’t learnt to let go) 

       There is no crime to have been a part of a failed  relationships(not marriage)…  It doesn’t mean either of you is a devil, it only means you loved each other so well that you won’t want to deprive each other the opportunity of having a better relationship. The disadvantages to this is that many get so emotional that they forgot that parting is rather advantageous to them as it create a chance for a better offer. 

       On a final note I’ll say, when it’s not working and you too have tried your best…  Let go and hold on. Let go emotional thoughts of the other, let go of what you had invested, let go of revenge and pride, let go of blackmail and self pity but hold onto the virtues of love, hold on the good you had gained from the other, hold onto faith for a better and more productive relationship.

  • I’ll appreciate your comments and contributions on this issue using the comment box below

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