I Hate Denominational Exclusivism by Erikan Ekpenyong 


 Hello there, I’m Erikan Ekpenyong. I’m male from Nigeria, and I’m not just a lover of God, I’m His adopted son and He’s my Heavenly Father. At this initial stage of this write-up, permit me be silent about my religion cos religion is not just my thing but a relationship.

      I don’t just write probably because I’m bored or I just feel I need to pen stuffs down, I don’t write because I must provide my ardent followers and readers with stuffs to read, I rather put up write ups like this cause of its necessity. Having studied and seen the trend of things around, I feel someone must say something to put things in place. 

      Denominational Exclusivism, what is it? Why do I hate it? Do I actually hate it? Is it an hatred drawn out of fear or doubt? Denominational Exclusivism!!!………………. This is a belief that holds and strongly advocates for a particular denomination ( church as u may call it) being the best among others. And this is common among those who claim Christianity as their Religion ( u see why Erikan will never be an advocate of Religion?). 

      I’m a member of a particular religious gathering (church) with some fanatical members who are advocates of Denominational Exclusivism. They forget about their assigned duties and appoint themselves fresh task of attacking other denominations in the same religion. You hear them say stuffs like… Hei, I heard you are now worshipping there, why I’ve u decided to backslide?, they try being churchy with words like, My brother… You can’t get what u have here elsewhere.. (is that to make the person afraid or what?) and I ask myself within, how do they know? 

      You scatter the body of Christ with ur doctrine of denominational Exclusivism and you think Christ is happy with you? You utter words indiscriminately without proper check up cos of a tip-off you got about a particular place of worship and you feel so righteous thereafter? What’s the aim of this class of Exclusivist? Are they after the souls of men are just after gathering brainwashed crowds? If you are an advocate of this calibre of Exclusivism, I must be sincere with you, your words technically are disgusting. 

      Let’s go back to the basis of His word. If u want to preach, go ahead and preach the gospel of Christ and decease from throwing stones at others. Preach against sin in all its form and never attack any denomination except that’s what Christ had called you to do. 

      *I’m Erikan Ekpenyong and I will never, not for a second advocate for Denominational Exclusivism*


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