Be Real by Erikan Ekpenyong 

       My name is Erikan Ekpenyong and I have an issue with some humans. It’s actually none of my business but if it robs on me it’ll affect me a great deal. I have a natural flair for natural things…  Name them….  I appreciate nature just the way it is. If I have my way I won’t change a dot from what nature offers. 

        I’ve watched and I’ve seen so many things supposedly going right in a very wrong way. I’ve seen unrealistic real characters, behavior, etc. I’ve seen very good musicians as engineers…  World class bankers as biologist…  Beautiful gracious woman becoming cooks in a world class house where they signed up to as wives. 

       It wasn’t meant to be the way it is but u let it go the way it is now with the ideology that u don’t have a choice. Yeah you don’t have a choice but u should have a focus.  Know what you were deposited on earth for. A man preached purpose, discussed Purpose on various seminars, sang purpose and eventually was gone, but bad enough the people who have heard him… And are still are hearing him have decided to live their lives by following others. 

       Hei! Christian brothers and sisters….  I have an issue with most of you. Being saved doesn’t mean camouflaging, it doesn’t mean copying the walking steps of a certain preacher, the way he talks, eats and even sleep. You have lost ur identity and bad enough u haven’t replaced it with that of Christ.  Be a Christian and be yourself. It sounds vague but this is what I mean. Being a born again  Christian does not converts you automatically to a robot. You are still the human u had been, the difference is that u think and act as a heavenly  spirited being in an earthly  body… Not acting like others. 

  • Be Real…..  
  • Be yourself….. 
  • Be Purposeful……. 

Be like Christ…..


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