I Hate Silence by Erikan Ekpenyong 

       Once again, I’m Erikan Ekpenyong and I hate silence. I love silence with a passionate hatred that can only be quenched if I but open my mouth. You wanna cage me, seal my mouth, but be very such if it’s open I’ll cover up for the time of silence. Silence is dangerous, it destroys you. Silence is like a self made cage, you only have the key to ur liberation. Silence is catastrophic and you are meant to believe it’s a sign of humility. Religion mistake silence for sainthood. 

       I prefer to say it out than say it in. I prefer to open my mouth to u than utter it to myself on bed, I prefer to speak than be speechless with lots of ideas, it’s being wicked. You think you are being humble when you are quiet? Religion makes you feel that way so I won’t blame you. So cos I talk you think I’m carnal and u murmur and grumble you are righteous? 

       Destinies have been sealed cos of silence…  Suicide have been committed cos of silence….  Unwanted pregnancy would have being avoided but for silence….  Madness would have been averted if only he spoke to someone….  Mistakes in life would have been avoided if only u had shun silence. You see why I hate silence? 

       A friend asked me the other day to be silent for a period of time, I was equated to a prisoner at that time, but on the other hand, I was a safe prisoner cos there’s was nothing that important to say. 

  • I will love silence if it provides to me searching answers to life’s questions. I will advocate for silence if it will soothe the wounded heart…  Silence will be my most cherished virtue if speaks wisdom to me…..
  • I love silence but hates it when u allow it control you. 
  • I love silence but hates it when u don’t know when to break it. 
  • I love silence, but detest it when u misuse it

I am Erikan Ekpenyong and I don’t hate silence


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